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This page started off as a set of bookmarks for me, and has evolved into something I hope you'll find a little more interesting.

My 1962 A-105 "real Hammond"

"A real Hammond weighs three or four hundred pounds, is thirty-plus years old and has two switches to turn it on. Anything else is something else." - Father Gino

Click any of the four thumbnails at the left to see the A-105 I got on 2/09/2002. An A-105 is the guts of an A-100 series console with internal speakers, built into a C-3 church-style cabinet. You can see the console back in the fourth picture. It weighs about 450 lbs. Based on serial number and organ characteristics, I believe it was made in 1962. I bought it from a friend, who had bought it from a school some time before.

It needed some work to play well - field mice had damaged some of the taps on the inductor in the vibrato line. I replaced that with a modified E-100 vibrato line and cleaned excess oil out of the scanner. I also fixed about half-a-dozen non-working notes and did a lot of internal cleaning.

In place of a Leslie, I got a Motion Sound Pro-3T and Low-Pro in early March, 2002. I'm VERY happy with them, it sounds like a 147 to me, and it's transportable to boot. I wired a line out box (see link below) for the AO-28 for sound, and built a box with two toggle switches for speed and a third to switch between the internal speakers and a load resistor. Then I attached it to the bottom of the console beneath the presets. I moved the connection for the reverb amp to the back of the main amp so reverb works through the organ even if the load resistor is on. Details are here, I'll eventually put up pictures or you can e-mail me at mymail.gif

front view, my L-295 side view, my L295 Click the front or side pictures to the left to see my first Hammond, a showroom-condition one-owner 1971 L-295 (Mediterranean-style oak cabinet) spinet with Rhythm II unit. I purchased it on 8/1/2000 on EBay. It weighs about 220 lbs with the matching bench. Those were stickers on the C and G bass pedals. This is my Hammond epiphanies post to the Hamster list from the day after it arrived.

I also have Native Instruments B4.

"It's safe to say that the Hammond isn't an "organ" at all, but rather, an instrument unto its own self" - DeserTBoB
"It's about as much an organ as is a Theremin" - Hal, responding to DeserTBoB

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