Campus Map of Youngstown State University

University Buildings
Building Name Grid #  Building Number
Building Name Grid # Building Number
Building Name Grid # Building Number
127 Lincoln 8K 53
266 West Wood Street 4N 60
Alumni House 10G 40
Beeghly Center 5G 1
Beeghly Hall 5L 58
Bliss Hall  12H 25
Cafaro House 6B 34
Central Service Building 9H 17
Central Utility Building 7F 27
Chemical Storage 8J 57
Chilled Water Storage 8F 33
Christman Dining Commons 5C 45
Coffelt Hall 9G 10
Comfort Station 7E 28
Historic Preservation Center 8F 33
Cushwa Hall 6J 24
Dana Hall 8G  11
DeBartolo Hall  5I 9
E.J. Salata Complex 8M 18
Engineering Science Building
7J 22
Fedor Hall 6F 13
Jones Hall 10J 6
Kilcawley Center 7H 16
Kilcawley House 8H 15
Lyden House 5B 37
M-1 Parking Deck 12I 2
M-2 Parking Deck 5J 23
Maag Library 10I 26
Materials Management 4M 56
McDonough Museum of Art 11I 43
Melnick Hall 11E 59
Meshel Hall 11I 8
Outdoor Kiln 13H 44
Pedestrian Bridge 11I 21
Phelps Building 9K 54
Public Service Institute 3K 48
Stambaugh Stadium 3F 4
Tod Hall 9H 5
Track Storage Building 7F 19
Ward Beecher Hall 9J 14
Weller House 10E 38
Westinghouse Building 5M 49
Wick House 10E 39
Wick Oval Building 13G 46
Wick Oval Garage 13G 47
Williamson Hall 9K 29
YSU Police 10G 12

Non-University Locations
       Building Name        Grid #     Building Number 
         Building Name       Grid #      Building Number 
Arms Family Museum of Local History 10E A
Beecher Center for Technology in the Arts 10I B
Buechner Hall 8F C
Butler Institute of American Art 10H D
Museum of Industry and Labor 7N E
Newman Center 4B F
Wick Park 1A G
Wick-Pollock Inn 11G H