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Youngstown State University's                  Exercise Science Major

Endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine: The respective program curriculum covers the knowledge, skills, and abilities                expected of an ACSM Health/Fitness InstructorSM.          2003

Recognized by The National Strength and Conditioning Association:  The educational program in strength and conditioning has met the guidelines emphasizing anaerobic conditioning and training within the specified curriculum.          2003 

Welcome to the Youngstown State University Exercise Science Alumni website!!!  This is YOUR website.  It will be what YOU want it to be!  We hope that this site takes on a 'life of its own', and eventually develops your persona and evolves as you see fit.

We started with the premise that this site will serve the purposes outlined below:

  • SOCIAL: Keep up with YSU events
  • NETWORKING:  Enable you to keep in contact with other alumni for both professional and social reasons
  • PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Provide resources to help you meet your career objectives 

We have enjoyed interacting and learning from you so much, that we did not want it to end with your graduation! This is our way to say THANK YOU!  We welcome your input!

A special thank you goes out to Mr. Bill Shuttleworth, class of 1999 (MPT 2003).  Bill developed the first version of the website.  His ideas have laid the foundation for what's before you now.  Thanks Bill!   Bill is in PERU!!!!  March 2004

Comments and Contributions?
Technical Consultant:  Evan Bosso

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